How you can use a watch-only pockets in bitcoin-core?

For those who’re utilizing Bitcoin Core 23.0, and created a brand new pockets utilizing that, it’s by default a descriptor pockets. These are a brand new era of wallets which use Output Descriptors to find out which keys/scripts/addresses “belong” to the pockets, versus legacy wallets which use a a lot much less well-defined course of to find out this.

A number of RPCs, just like the importaddress, importpubkey, and importmulti are disabled for descriptor wallets, for the straightforward cause that the conduct they’ve for legacy wallets can’t be precisely replicated for descriptor wallets. It is a good factor – it was extraordinarily difficult to cause about what that conduct is.

If you wish to import one thing right into a descriptor pockets, you want the importdescriptors RPC as an alternative. This single RPC subsumes the performance of
all legacy import instructions in a single RPC, through the use of the Output Descriptor language to specify what to import. That features the power to import single addresses (utilizing addr([ADDR]) descriptors), or ranges of HD key-derived scripts (e.g. wpkh([XPUB]/0/1/2/*) would import all P2WPKH addresses derived from xpub [XPUB], with derivation path m/0/1/2/0, m/0/1/2/1, m/0/1/2/2, …).

The documentation on appears outdated. The Bitcoin Core 23.0 RPC documentation (accessible by the assist RPC command) does say:

Word: This command is barely appropriate with legacy wallets. Use “importdescriptors” with “addr(X)” for descriptor wallets.

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