BougeRV 200W 12V Photo voltaic Panel Assessment

The BougeRV 200W 9BB Photo voltaic Panel proves that photo voltaic harvesting expertise is repeatedly evolving

New photo voltaic tech built-in into PV structure goals to serve the local weather change initiative via inexperienced vitality transition whereas catering to all of the inexperienced vitality shoppers with numerous life.

One instance is the worth a few of us discover in proudly owning light-weight and compact photo voltaic panels for our leisure actions.

It isn’t obvious to all, however a rising quantity from the inexperienced vitality group are starting to search out worth in photo voltaic panel portability. This group of adventure-seeking varieties prefers to have their photo voltaic panels on the go, both mounted onto RVs, trailers, or boats or plugged into their transportable energy stations.

9.1Knowledgeable Rating

It’s a good purchase for individuals with restricted roof area for photo voltaic panels, whether or not on their house or a car.

Portability (Relative to different 200W Panels)


Publish-Buy Buyer Care


What We Favored

  • Compact and Comparatively Mild
  • High quality PV structure
  • Dependable Publish-Buy Help
  • Good Output


  • Wants Superior Technical Data to Maximize Output
  • Barely Pricier Than Typical 12V 200W Panels
  • Uncommon Occurrences of Poor Bundle Dealing with

BougeRV 200 Watt Photo voltaic Panel Finest Worth

If you’re keen on buying the BougeRV 200-watt photo voltaic panel we advocate utilizing our once-off coupon code.


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Bouge RV 200W 9BB Technical Particulars

As we speak’s product overview, the BougeRV 200W 9-busbar photo voltaic panel, focuses on multi-busbar (MBB) expertise, a promising photo voltaic cell-stringing expertise. Implementing MBB tech into PV panels gives a number of advantages reminiscent of:

9BB Panel Profit #1: Elevated Portability

To show the elevated portability advantage of 9BB panels, we took widespread photo voltaic panels you should purchase on-line and in contrast their weight and dimensions side-by-side (see Desk beneath.

Discover that the BougeRV 200W 9BB panel is 11% to 12% smaller and 14% to fifteen% lighter than its 5BB busbar friends. Lets say the identical factor for the Wealthy Photo voltaic 9BB panel apart from the load.

Specs BougeRV Renogy NewPowa Wealthy Photo voltaic
Rated Energy Output 200W 200W 210W 200W
Multi-busbar Sort 9BB 5BB 5BB 9BB
Dimensions (inches) 54.72 x 27.8 x 1.38 64.96 x 26.38 x 1.38 64.57 x 26.57 x 1.38 58.7 x 26.8 x 1.4
Complete Space 1,521.22 sq. in. 1,713.65 sq. in. 1,715.63 sq. in. 1,573.16 sq. in
Weight 22.93 lbs. 26.5 lbs. 26.9 lbs. 26.5 lbs
System Voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V
Desk Evaluating 5BB and 9BB Photo voltaic Panels within the Market

9BB Panel Profit #2: Elevated Reliability

One other 9BB tech benefit we “may” show is elevated PV panel reliability by decreasing peak energy losses from microcracks. 

Photo voltaic cell microcracks happen when the photo voltaic panel experiences an exterior pressure past its capability. These could possibly be from dropping the panel, inserting heavy hundreds, or individuals strolling on the panels.

Are microcracks invisible to the bare eye? Sure, it’s exhausting to immediately confirm if this can be a supply of decreased PV panel output.

So how does the 9BB tech cut back the affect of microcracks? By offering extra alternate routes for the present to move. Busbars function the highway for electrical energy to journey to the PV panel junction field (see the decrease left image within the picture beneath)

More busbars means more alternate routes for electric current in case of microcracks.
Extra busbars imply extra alternate routes for electrical present in case of microcracks.
Supply: Trina Photo voltaic

9BB Panel Profit #3: Elevated Effectivity

Lastly, 9BB Photo voltaic Panels have round-shaped busbars in them. These scatter daylight extra successfully for “secondhand use” (see the higher left image within the picture above), boosting PV panel output energy in comparison with flat ribbons (see the higher proper image within the picture above).

Extra busbars additionally decrease the general resistance between photo voltaic cells, resulting in much less loss (Recall that Energy = Current2 x Resistance).

BougeRV 200 Watt Photo voltaic Panel Finest Values

If you’re keen on buying the BougeRV 200-watt photo voltaic panel we advocate utilizing our once-off coupon code.

BougeRV 200W 9BB First Impressions

There you will have it — three the explanation why 9BB panels have upped the sport within the photo voltaic business, particularly within the residential area.

Let’s discuss our first impressions of the product, however be happy to view the photographs beneath to see what we did with the BougeRV 200W 9BB panel.

Everybody loves an organization that goals to please prospects. However generally unlucky issues occur together with your parcel. Scrolling via the picture gallery beneath, you’ll discover that our package deal has some shoe prints.

From a shopper standpoint, this might increase considerations since photo voltaic panels have delicate parts.

Nonetheless, we proceeded with the unboxing and hoped for the perfect (see the picture gallery beneath).

We have to be trustworthy; we felt relieved that there have been no cracks on the photo voltaic cells, given the variety of boot marks we noticed.

Microcracks can’t be dominated out fully however are much less more likely to occur since we learn that BougeRV photo voltaic cells are Class A varieties.

We even have normal working exams to test if the panel works as meant however extra on that later.

BougeRV 9BB 200W Supplies and Aesthetics

The field accommodates your BougeRV 200W 9BB panel, full with:

  • IP67 waterproof junction field;
  • Pre-drilled holes for fast set up on RVs, vehicles, trailers, and boats;
  • Built-in 3-foot photo voltaic cables; and
  • Person’s Guide (see picture gallery above)

What Can the BougeRV 200W 9BB Energy?

Understanding what electronics can the BougeRV 200W energy up will depend on your photo voltaic panel setup and location. 

As a standalone, a 200W photo voltaic panel is finest for powering smaller gadgets like cell telephones, LED lights, and laptops. Nonetheless, common patrons of Climatebiz know that this setup might be enhanced with a photo voltaic charger, battery for vitality storage, and an inverter to transform 12VDC to 120VAC (see photos beneath).

Energy storage systems with battery monitor hooked to a solar charge controller.
Power storage techniques with battery monitor hooked to a photo voltaic cost controller.

We used two (2) 12V 12Ah lead acid batteries and a 12.8V 10Ah LifePO4 battery. We consider they’re one of the best ways to show the way to make the most of a photo voltaic panel with out blowing our funds.

Within the pattern software proven beneath, we tried plugging in a laptop computer charger rated at 65W together with an Airpod and an iPad drawing 15W every (5V @ 3A). 95W is drawn from the solar-charged battery by way of a 500W inverter.

Sample setup of a battery supplying power to electronics via an inverter.
Pattern setup of a battery supplying energy to electronics by way of an inverter.

Sensible Utility of BougeRV 200W 9BB Photo voltaic Panel

So how did we cost the 144Wh lead acid battery utilizing the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel? Let’s break down the method by wanting on the parts.

We already mentioned important photo voltaic system parts in our articles about off-grid cabins and RV photo voltaic techniques, however let’s recap: photo voltaic panels, batteries, inverters, cost controllers, cables, terminals, multimeters, and instruments are the important photo voltaic system parts.

1. Photo voltaic Panel (BougeRV 200W 9BB)

Solar Panel (BougeRV 200W 9BB).
Are you able to rely the variety of busbars per cell? Additionally, pardon the mess.

2. Cost Controller (30A PWM Cost Controller)

Cost controllers act as protecting gadgets between the photo voltaic panel and the battery. Primarily based on the voltage and present output of the BougeRV 200W 9BBpanel (17.98V and 11.12A at most output), we determined to go together with a Renogy 30A PWM Cost Controller.

For those who’re questioning why we selected a 30A PWM Cost Controller to reasonable a 200W panel producing 11.12A at max energy, we agree it’s slight overkill. However permit us to clarify our reasoning.

Our 30A 12V/24 PWM Photo voltaic Cost Controller

Our predominant standards for going with this product are:

  • Funds — not sufficient for an MPPT controller (see PWM vs. MPPT);
  • Security — cost controllers act as security gadgets so long as their specs can deal with the present enter (in our case, 30A>>11.12A); and
  • Status — Renogy is a trusted model for PV tools and has a superb observe file of post-purchase help;

3. Battery (Lead Acid and LifePO4)

A cost controller received’t perform if it doesn’t have a battery to guard it. We additionally know that batteries aid you retailer photo voltaic vitality for later use. Nonetheless, they’re costly to personal.

For the sake of this demonstration, we acquired entry-level batteries rated at 12V / 10Ah to 12Ah.

If you’re on the lookout for heavy-duty batteries, we recommend getting 100Ah as much as 200Ah batteries rated at 12V or 24V, relying in your system.

4. Inverter (500W Inverter)

Inverters permit your electronics to obtain 110V to 240V AC from a DC supply reminiscent of photo voltaic panels or batteries (see picture beneath).

A 500W inverter converting 12V-DC to 120V-AC, delivering 95W worth of power to various electronic loads.
A 500W inverter changing 12V-DC to 120V-AC, delivering 95W price of energy to varied digital hundreds.

A 500W inverter is sufficient to energy important digital tools. Nonetheless, extra critical home equipment reminiscent of microwaves, toasters, espresso makers, and air fryers require extra in depth scores and cleaner AC sine waves. We advocate 2000W to 3000W Pure Sine Wave AC inverters for these purposes.

Recommendation: though this demonstration’s 10Ah or 12Ah battery can present 500W to 3000W of energy, it may solely achieve this for a brief interval contemplating the depth of discharge and vitality storage capability limits.

Actionable Recommendation:
research your energy and vitality necessities when designing your photo voltaic system.

5. Instruments and Cables

After all, additionally, you will want some instruments and further equipment to finish your setup.

Right here is our guidelines for this BougeRV demonstration:

  • Multimeter — to test the voltage and present of the photo voltaic panel, batteries, or the inverter
  • Cables — we used 12 AWG (crimson and black) wires to attach the batteries to the cost controller and inverter
  • Photo voltaic Cable Adapter — connects the photo voltaic panel to the cost controller
  • Battery Terminal Adapter — we used T2 terminal adapters appropriate for the batteries we purchased (those with yellow insulation sleeves)
  • Wire Crimper And Stripper — we purchased a 2-in-1 device that strips insulation from our electrical wire and crimps the battery terminal adapter

BougeRV 200 Watt Photo voltaic Panel Finest Values

If you’re keen on buying the BougeRV 200-watt photo voltaic panel we advocate utilizing our once-off coupon code.

Theoretical Planning for Photo voltaic System Setup

Let’s have a look at the best BougeRV setup utilizing our evaluation:

The BougeRV 200W 9BB Photo voltaic Panel produces 17.98V and 11.12A at peak energy.

Batteries are generally rated between 12V and 24V and have a day by day cost/discharge cycle for hybrid grid-tied residential purposes. Due to this fact, we desire getting an MPPT cost controller, which is extra environment friendly than the PWM.

MPPT vs. PWM Comparability for BougeRV 200W 9BB Panel

So right here is our thought course of: the photo voltaic panel produces 17.98V and 11.12A whereas our battery is rated 12V and may deal with as much as 14V.

PWM Photo voltaic Cost Controller

If we use the PWM photo voltaic charger, it will cut back the photo voltaic panel output to 14V; subsequently, it’ll get

14V x 11.12A = 155.68W of most energy to cost the battery.

MPPT Photo voltaic Cost Controller

Then again, the MPPT photo voltaic charger will take the total output of the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel (17.98V) after which converts it down (DC-DC) to match the voltage of the battery whereas sustaining the rated energy output.

14V x 14.29A=200W of most energy to cost the battery.

That’s 28.5% extra energy from the MPPT than the PWM! However that assumes the battery we purchased can take 11.12A to 14.29A of present.

What We Did

We purchased two (2) 12V 12Ah lead batteries for our demonstration that may deal with 3.6A of steady present. We related each parallel to the cost controller, rising the battery present capability to 7.2A.

We additionally used one 12V 10Ah LifePO4 battery with a 10A steady enter present ranking in its place take a look at.

Battery storage for BougeRV 200W 9BB.

Utilizing the PWM cost controller, right here is the theoretical operation of the entry-level system we made:

  • BougeRV 200W 9BB: 17.98V and 11.12A
  • PWM Charger Controller: Limits voltages round 12V or 24V and has a 30A restrict
  • Lead in its place take a look at Acid Battery Setup: 12V to 14.5V and seven.2A

Anticipated Most Energy Drawn: 14.5V x 7.2A = 104.4W

LifePO4 Battery Setup: 12.8V to 14.5V and 10A

Anticipated Most Energy Drawn: 14.5V x 10A = 145W


We acquired these outcomes on a sunny day in San Jose, California. Clear skies, no clouds throughout peak hours.

Lead Acid Batteries In Parallel

LifePO4 Battery

The 12V system with LifePO4 battery shops 107W to 145W throughout peak hours.

One factor we observed through the information gathering course of is that the “PV Display screen” interface of the app at all times appears to observe the restrict of the battery.

This makes us wonder if these information are the precise output of the photo voltaic panel or if the cost controller is suppressing the photo voltaic panel output. However there’s a method to confirm if the BougeRV photo voltaic panel is working appropriately.

Utilizing PV Panel Assessments (VOC & ISC)

The Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) take a look at and Brief Circuit Present (ISC) take a look at are normal testing procedures to assist confirm the efficiency of photo voltaic panels. You’ll want a multimeter to conduct these exams; ideally, you wish to see VOC and ISC values close to the product specs.

For the case of the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel, the VOC and ISC are 21.62V and 12.09A, respectively.

BougeRV 200W 9BB product specifications
We’re aiming to see 21.62V for the VOC take a look at and 12.09A for the ISC take a look at primarily based on the producer’s information

To hold out the exams, you might want to:

  • Have the photo voltaic panel face the solar
  • Disconnect the photo voltaic panel utterly
  • Measure the DC voltage between the constructive and detrimental terminals utilizing a multimeter
  • Measure the present of the photo voltaic panel too.

Given the outcomes of the VOC and ISC exams, we are able to conclude that the photo voltaic panel is in good situation.

Certain it didn’t meet the precise values, however we expect it’s because we don’t meet some, if not most, of the photo voltaic panel Preferrred Normal Testing Situations.

Last Ideas

There you will have it! A full overview of the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel and the way to flip it right into a photo voltaic panel system.

This overview has been bittersweet. We at all times respect inexperienced vitality firms pushing the bounds of photo voltaic tech. The 9 busbar innovation is a game-changer because it gives substantial worth to the photo voltaic and decarbonization actions.

Who’s This For?

We advocate the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel primarily for cellular purposes reminiscent of photo voltaic RVs, trailers, and boats — at the very least one 200W photo voltaic panel coupled with a 100Ah/200Ah battery that may deal with massive steady charging currents.

It is usually for residential householders on the lookout for the center floor between 400W photo voltaic panels and 100W photo voltaic panels.

The compact construct of the BougeRV 200W 9BB photo voltaic panel shines if you’d like massive energy output out of your roof however have little shingle actual property to work with.

It isn’t for backpackers or path techies. A light-weight 100W panel tied to a conveyable energy station is extra appropriate for you.

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